Arkansas Dreamin' (A poem I wrote) August 31 2014, 6 Comments

Thank you Arkansas so natural and rad!

that special heart place I've always had

rollin' away still makes me sad

cuz i love how Arkansas is natural and rad...

so many years we sailed down the creek

of watery camp songs sung for the weak
kisses on hilltops that make you feel glad
that we are in Arkansas, natural and rad.

the northern mockingbirds and white river shad 

even the bark on the trees of the hills iron-clad

are totally Arkansas natural and rad.

now don't go lose hope or rock just a little
whether you grab for your rifle, or grab for your fiddle
all y'all should print up a newspaper ad
saying: "Thank you Arkansas, you're natural and rad!"

The kids that I've known almost all of my days

will stick there inside me in so many ways
we hang out in dreams both happy and sad
even Arkansas dreaming is natural and rad

you gave us some good ones from Clinton to Cash
but the thing i love most about your whole stash

is even the ones you popped out that turned bad

are totally Arkansas, natural and rad.