First time at the Casbah since Radish! October 01 2014, 0 Comments

Ben Kweller San Diego, CA Rock The CasbahI

was 15 and wasn't allowed in the venue til it was time to play. O and I watched airplanes come and go and talked about Sonic Youth and Fender guitars. We still keep in touch and It's hard for us to believe that that show was almost 20 fückin' years ago. Maaaaan. Time flies when you're having rawk. I'm really curious to know if anyone coming tonight was at that Radish gig. If you were there, please let me kneaux!!!!!! xoxo bk

I got a little emotional today rolling up to The Casbah. This was the first place I ever played in San Diego. Radish came here in (I think) 1996 on the Restraining Bolt tour. The memories started flooding in as I walked through the stage door. This place hasn't changed a bit aside from more stickers on the walls, more battle scars in the floors. The first person I met way back when was San Diego rock ambassador, O, from the band Fluf. He hung with me out on the sidewalk from soundcheck to gig time.