we have some sweet pieces available right now straight from me to you... Here's what we have in stock at the moment. Go Fly A Kiteanalog to the maxxx, razorblade tape, sick tones. song-wise, i think its a good mix of what i do. the packaging is so rad you have to see it in person. Lizzy and i put it together with our friends at Emdash Design and illustrator, Josh Cochran. Our cobined design efforts got the album nominated for a packaging Grammy! woah. Changing Horses: down home, rootsy offering. collection of songs that i built up over 13 years and finally decided to put them down. was recorded at Spoon's great studio, Public Hi-Fi, and features the many talents of Ben "Kitt" Kitterman who graces the 10-song-set with dobro or pedal steel. yum. Sawdust Manreally special 7" that was released in conjunction with the legendary, Chicago-based, Bloodshot Records. It's B-side, "Send Me Down The Road" is only available on vinyl. there is no digital version for this track. Enjoy! --bk