Sha Sha (CD) *Vintage Collection*

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Sha Sha! Sha Doooooo! even though Freak Out It's... Ben Kweller is "technically" my solo debut... Sha Sha is the one that most people think of when they think of Ben Kweller's first album.... so alas, people refer to this as my "major-label debut" even though ATO Records was definitely an indie label when they signed me back in 2002. gosh i'm a nerd..... i know.... it's cuz i too am a record collector.
semantics aside...  According this poll, Sha Sha is my fans' most favorite album!

ben kweller album poll

soooooo, it you're looking to check out my music or already know my music and want to explore my roots, grab a copy! This shopping link will take you to Amazon, but don't fear, they are good about paying their vendors and they are able to ship items a lot faster than me!! haha. enjoy. BK