hello. i'm Ben Kweller and i sing and make and perform music. i've been called an indie-rocker, anti-folkie, balladeer, pop-rocker, alt-rocker, among other things.... not sure about all this. indieeee-pendent? yes. anti? some stuff. alternative minded for sure. i do write a lot of songs. they're all very different but they're all the same too. shit i dunno... i do know that i'm mega-ultra honored you're reading this right now. you've landed at the only real-deal, authentic, BK outlet on the web. everything on this site is official as they say. BAM! well, i've been a musical artist my whole life. even when i worked at the skating rink in 5th grade and heard Nirvana for the first time, i was making music. i am married to a girl named Lizzy, the love of my life, and we have two sweet boys, Dorian and Judah. i signed  my first record deal when i was 15 years old. damn... feels like yesterday, feels like a century ago. since then, i've toured non-stop all over this planet and, let me tell you, i have the coolest fucking fans in the world!!! if you are one of them, THANK YOU! it's unreal to have supporters like you, listening to my music, coming to my gigs, and singing every word to every song right back at me. shiiiiit maaaaan. for realz. when i wrote my first songs sitting there on the bed with no one around, i never thought so many people could/would be touched by this stuff. i make the music because it makes me feel happy and helps me clear my head. one day it's a punk song, one day it's a blues jam, one day it's nothing. I'm not thinking about anybody else when i'm working, not trying to please anyone else, ya know? I make music that means something to me. straight from my heart. something to keep me from being bored or depressed. BUT... it blows my mind that you follow me through my journey. through the twists 'n' turns. from making puffy paint t-shirts and singing "iiice iiiiice babyyyy", to giant strawberries 'n' Sha Sha, to "My Apartment" to "Penny", to Changing Horses, to Go Fly A Kite. wowzerz I LOVE YOU. to know that you enjoy what i make is better than any gift i could've dreamt up. just so you know, i'm a terrible cook. those of you that like what i do will remain in my heart for ETERNITY. seriously. whatever you've connected to; whether it's a lyric, or a chord change, or a melody - it means that we must be similar in some way or another and have something in common. i very much like knowing that. it comforts me big time. because when I'm outside of my room, outside of my own world, not making music, i am reminded that we are all on this planet together. we all have kindred spirits out there and twins and people who can really understand who we are and love us for who we are. if you feel like you don't have anybody in your life like that, don't stop looking! they are out there! in the meantime, listen to my songs and my voice and know that i love who you are. i'm happy to be your interim, virtual-friend. i dunnno. well, whatever brought you here today, I'm glad you made it. ok, back to my room.
-- XO bk