Songwriting, Producing and Arranging

Underground icon Ben Kweller has captured the hearts of fans and critics for over 15 years. Through his no-rules approach to music making, constant touring, and a punk-rock-refusal to be pigeonholed, Kweller has built the kind of career that rolls on regardless of fads and trends. His genre-jumping catalog of five albums, four EPs and multiple singles have sold over half a million copies worldwide.

When it comes to creating music for others, Kweller brings a wide range of talents to the studio and writer's room. He's a multi-instrumentalist adept at guitar, bass, keys, drums, and programming. As a producer, he takes the old-school approach: Song first. Arrangement next. Bells and whistles last.

His songwriting skills run deep with lyrics, melodies and hooks that are memorable, fresh and authentic. Kweller’s unique perspective stems from his unique upbringing in East Texas. Raised in Greenville, Texas by North-Eastern parents on a steady diet of The Beatles, Nirvana and the class of '89 (Garth, AJ and TT). It was the combination of these different influences that shaped who he is as an artist.

Kweller began composing songs at the tender age of 8 and a year later, received an honorable mention in the Billboard Songwriting Contest. By 15 he was the leader of the grunge group Radish and signed his first recording contract with Mercury Records. In 1999 Kweller moved to NYC and began his illustrious solo career. He was ATO Records' first worldwide signing in 2001. In the 14 years since then, Kweller has been a driving force on the indie charts as well as a constant ticket seller at the box office. His work as a solo artist isn’t the only place his talents have been showcased. Kweller has been called upon by artists of all styles to collab, write, produce, sing or mix tracks. The list includes Ben Folds, The Dixie Chicks, Hanson, Rhett Miller, Bright Eyes, America, Talib Kweli, The Strokes, and Guster. His songs have been featured on major motion picture soundtracks including The Wedding Crashers, Up In The Air, The Lone Ranger - Wanted, The Way Way Back, Mr. Deeds, to name just a few. Shana Goldberg-Meehan, creator of the hit TV show Friends, called on Kweller to write and produce the main title theme song for her ABC sitcom, Better With You. Creative projects like these coupled with the challenge of helping artists reach their potential is what Kweller thrives on when he’s not working on his own stuff.

Kweller resides in Austin, TX with his wife and two sons. They own and operate The Noise Company, a record label/recording studio in central Austin. Currently the Kwellers are building a destination studio on a 28 acre farm in the Texas hill country.

Below are some examples of Ben Kweller’s work with others. We tried to find videos that didn't have ads on them. These are all third party videos, so please forgive us if the quality varies from video to video. Feel free to contact me about future opportunities.

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Pat Cassidy - Manager -


Song: "Lost Without You"  
Artist: Rhett Miller
Kweller's Contribution: Songwriting

 Song: "Fight"  
Artist: Ben Kweller
Kweller's Contribution: Songwriting, Producing, Guitar, Vocals

 Song: "Just Pretend"  
Artist: The Bens (Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, Ben Lee)
Kweller's Contribution: Songwriting, Producing, Piano, Vocals

 Song: "Here Now"  
Artist: Wild Child
Kweller's Contribution: Producing, Arranging

  Song: "On Her Own"  
Artist: Ben Kweller
Kweller's Contribution: Songwriting, Producing, Guitar, Piano, Vocals


Song: "Sugar Magic"  
Artist: TBD
Kweller's Contribution: Songwriting, Producing, Programming, Topline, Beats

 Song: "I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today"  
Artist: Guster
Kweller's Contribution: Songwriting, Vocals

Song: "I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today"  (Scene from The Wedding Crashers)
Artist: Guster
Kweller's Contribution: Songwriting, Vocals

  Song: "Sundress"  
Artist: Ben Kweller
Kweller's Contribution: Songwriting, Producing, All instruments played

Song: "Hold On"  
Artist: Selena Gomez and Ben Kweller
Kweller's Contribution: Producing, Vocals, Guitar, Bass


Song: "Ms. Hill"  
Artist: Talib Kweli
Kweller's Contribution: Topliner, Hook Creator, Songwriting, Piano

Song: "Fallin'"
Artist: Asher Roth
Kweller's Contribution: Topliner, Hook Creator, Songwriting, Piano