Sawdust Man (limited edition 7" Vinyl)

$ 20.00

Side A

  1. Sawdust Man

Side B

  1. Send Me Down The Road
Following the release of Changing Horses, me and ATO Records teamed up with the great Chicago-based, roots label, Bloodshot Records. Together we released the "Sawdust Man" single. This cool 7" comes backed with a tune that is only available on the actual vinyl itself. "Send Me Down The Road" is the name of the tune and it features piano legend Riley Osborne! Mark Stepro (drums), Chris Morrissey (bass) and country-guitar shred master, Rich Hinman, round out the band. The A side, is an alternate master to the album version from Changing Horses. I'm super proud of this release and if you're a Changing Horses fan, you'll want this in the collection!


1. Sawdust Man

2. Send Me Down The Road