Yamaha A-S301 (S) Integrated Amplifier 192kHz / 24bit high-resolution sound source corresponding Silver (Japan domestic model)

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Brand: Yamaha


  • Rated output: 60W + 60W / 8Ω (20Hz ~ 20kHz, 0.019% THD), 70W + 70W / 6Ω (20Hz ~ 20kHz, 0.038% THD) / Dynamic Power (IHF): 100W / 8Ω, 120W / 6Ω, 140W / 4Ω , 150W / 2Ω / practical use maximum output: 100W / 8Ω (1kHz, 10% THD), 110W / 6Ω (1kHz, 10% THD)
  • Input terminal: eight (CD1, tuner 1, line 3, phono [MM] 1, optical digital 1, coaxial digital 1) / output terminal: 5 lines (REC out 2, subwoofer 1, headphones 1, DC-out 1)
  • Dimensions (width × height × depth): 435W × 151H × 387Dmm / mass 9.0kg
  • ※ Power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz) / power consumption: 190W / standby power: 0.5W
  • Japanese manual download site URL:

Platform: Not Machine Specific

Publisher: YAMAHA

Details: Product Description ◆ certain musicality and, beauty is not decorated and 192kHz / 24bit D / A Basic Integrated Amplifier of the converter was also built "ToP-ART" ◆In laid Symmetrical & direct protect the purity and accurate stereo image of the music signal "ToP-ART" thought to the basic design, the pursuit and certainly music of Yamaha unique, and the decorated not beauty as a tool to listen to music and the basic pre-main amplifier "A-S301". ◆Rated output 60W × 2 margin some power and drivability boast you do not choose a speaker of linear damping circuit employs a power amplifier, Phono (MM) analog audio input of a total of six systems, including terminals for record players, optical / coaxial digital 192kHz / 24bitD / A converter that voice is received, YBA-11 to achieve a high-quality Bluetooth connection (sold separately) dedicated terminal, such as system up also is looking forward to a high-performance entry-level model.

EAN: 4957812573603