Yamaha CD-S300 (S) CD player iPod digital connection corresponding silver (Japan domestic model)

Brand: Yamaha

Color: silver


  • ◆ iPod compatible models iPod classic, iPod nano (first 2-6 generation) iPod touch (first 1-4 generations) ◆ output terminal Optical digital 1, coaxial digital 1, analog RCA1 / input terminal USB port 1
  • Dimensions (width × height × depth) 435W × 86H × 260Dmm / mass 3.5kg
  • ※ Power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz) Power consumption: 13W
  • Accessory remote control, 2 AA batteries, power cord (1.5m), stereo pin cable (1m), Japanese manual
  • Japanese manual URL (PDF): http://download.yamaha.com/api/asset/file/?language=ja&site=jp.yamaha.com&asset_id=15899&_ga=1.77445405.923151104.1421241422

Media Type: CD

Platform: Not Machine Specific

Publisher: YAMAHA

Details: Product introduction Pure Direct mode that thorough improvement in sound quality even off display, digital output circuit also stop. 192kHz24bit Burr-Brown Corporation high precision DAC adopted. Can be play USB music player with front USB terminal equipment, more digital reproduction of the i-Pod, the power supply is also possible. High-quality design that is devoted to pure audio playback    Was minimized mutual interference by blocking of the substrates of the power supply unit, the digital audio unit section.    Furthermore symmetrical of the audio circuit, the layout design that is friendly for details such as minimizing the path through the audio signal,    It is to enable accurate sound field reproduction without compromising the purity of the audio signal.    In addition, including the bar Brown Precision DAC of proven 192kHz / 24bit support for audio, actually adopted the parts that have been carefully selected with repeated hearing.    In addition, the digital output circuit also turns off the display along with the stop, I was equipped with a Pure Direct mode to achieve a more high-quality analog audio output.    These high-quality design in the natural as a full-fledged CD playback-only machine I am pursuing a high-purity sound.

EAN: 4957812462310