A Dream I Had (feat. Miley Cyrus, American Airlines and a strange man)

I just woke up from a crazy dream that I was opening for Miley Cyrus and I received payment in bars of gold! It was awesome and hilarious!!!!! The promoter was a strange cross between Dale Dudley, Dave Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld. Me and this guy hung all night. I didn't meet Miley. Shit! The show was an internal company rewards convention for American Airlines. Best Pilot, Best Bag Handler, Best Admirals Club Employee, Best Gate Agent, Best Cart Driver, etc... Dave/Dale/Jerry said, "BK! it's time to settle up. would you like to receive payment in bars of gold or check?" I said, "Ummmmm, I guess gold. Fuck it." Dale/Dave/Jerry dude said, "Awesome!! That's how I used to always get paid! Super old school maaaaayun!" I smiled. Then he said, "OK! I gotta go find the gold." Then he started running around the whole place looking for the bars of gold. Meanwhile, I was walking through the back of the arena and came across Catering, but instead of tables with food, it was shower stalls with various nozzles and fittings to try out. I didnt have time for a shower but it was tempting. Then Dave/Dale/Jerry popped out of nowhere with a teetering stack of gold bars! WOW! I was cracking UPPP. this was the funniest sum bitch everrr. He was like, "Aw shit brooo, I dunno how the hell we gonna fit this on the plane!" in a slo-mo voice he followed with, "It's sooooooooooo heavyyyyyyy!!" I thought to myself, this whole THING is heavy!

Good morning to all! XOXO

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