💀🍓 Music plan 🍓💀


For only $3.33/mo you get... 
• All my music (even the rare stuff)
• Unlimited streaming
• Unlimited downloads
• Early access to everything

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💀🍓 Swag plan 🍓💀


For only $4.16/mo you get... 
• 10% off all Merch Booth items
• 10% off all Experiences (B-day vids, 1-on-1s, house shows, etc.)
• Everything in the Music plan

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💀🍓 Rawk plan 🍓💀


For only $8.33/mo you get...
• Free admission to all my shows
• Access to all my fireside chats
• Everything in the previous plans

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💀🍓 VIP plan 🍓💀


For only $20.83/mo you get... 
• Free 1-on-1 sessions
• Free VIP Mega Hangs
• Everything in the previous plans

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💀🍓 Life plan 🍓💀


For only $33.33/mo you get... 
• 20% off all Merch Booth items
• 20% off all Experiences
• Limited edition art prints
• Specially curated boxes of radness
• Everything in the previous plans

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All plans include all the music

Jam out to my standard releases (past and future), plus out-of-print rarities that have never been available in the digital realm -- until now!

Thank you

for supporting me
I ❤️U

BK, I can't join right now. 😢 Can we still stay in touch?

Hellz yesss! 
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