World Premiere - 7 Chinese Brothers at SXSW Film 2015 March 15 2015, 3 Comments

so stoked to announce that i will be attending the world premiere of 7 Chinese Brothers, a film written and directed by Bob Byington, at this year's SXSW Film Festival. the film stars Jason Schwartzman, Tunde Adebimpe and Olympia Dukakis. my son Dorian and i actually have cameo roles in the film!!! you gotta see it. super radnesss. WATCH IT HERE! 

Bloodshot Records 20th Anniversary Concert January 02 2015, 0 Comments

CHICAGO!!!!!  Ben Kweller is setting 2015 into motion at Metro Chicago Saturday, January 10th celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of our all time favorite indie labels BLOODSHOT RECORDS!!!!!  Anyone going for their first show of 2015? Lots of friends we're hoping to see!  TICKETS HERE!!
Loving this lineup!  
$21 // Doors: 6:30PM / Show: 7:00PM // 18+

THROWBACK: Kweller, Kings, Strokes in Paris December 10 2014, 1 Comment

On this date in 2003, The Strokes headlined Paris' infamous Zenith. Kings Of Leon was main support and BK was first of three. The Strokes were supporting their second album, Room On Fire, and their opening comrades were supporting their debut albums. This was the culmination of many shows where all three acts shared the stage together as part of the Strokes' Wyckyd Sceptre Tour. Below is a concert review from Les In Rocks Magazine, translated and paraphrased from French to English…


"The concert tonight gives Paris something to smile about. The Strokes, accompanied by Kings of Leon and Ben Kweller logically met a young, hungry vintage Zenith rock 'n' roll. The unique French date for The Strokes, had them presenting their second album, Room on Fire. This a great day for the Zenith, filled to the brim, which hosts the first part - a young Ben Kweller at the head of his energetic trio. My friend was already widely effused on the multiple talents of the young man at his concert the night before at La Boule Noire. To my amazement, the boy with a shy look fit right in to the disproportionately large Zenith, alternating between piano ballads and free power-pop guitars. In his twenty-two years, Ben has the great merit to daringly play endangered, naive melodies that can be found on the splendid album Sha Sha.

After a short break, rustic Kings of Leon take the stage for what will be their first French service. Expected to turn, the Kings of Leon does not disappoint the audience with the quintessence of their excellent debut album Youth & Young Manhood. The Followill family, with their incomprehensible look (Caleb, the singer is the perfect cross between a hippie and Derek Smalls turned on, the bassist's funny Spinal Tap mustache) would have us believe that the music stopped on the bayou with Creedence Clearwater Revival but it is not so: the pop-punk "California Waiting" looks more like a nice Strokes studio outtake. Some new songs, all of excellent quality, will also show that this group of talented musicians hopes to open up new horizons on their next record. The Kings of Leon completed their set with a devastating version of "Trani". On this last piece, rhythm chastened but the power multiplied, Caleb's hoarse voice, pushed into a corner, gave us goosebumps for a few good minutes after the lights are turned back on.

Needless to say that given the quality of the first two parts, the pressure on the shoulders of the Strokes was all the more formidable. Yet it will not take more than ten seconds, the clanking intro "Reptilia", to distract the public from the appetizers before them. While there is no doubt that you understand the great qualities of these New Yorkers' wall of sound on disk, tonight, they demonstrate that the scene is entitled to the same sonic preferential treatment. The group intelligently alternated pieces of Is This It?, their classic first album, and those of the new Room on Fire. "Modern Age" was chained directly to "12:51", a masterful "New York City Cops" played elbow to elbow with "You Talk Way Too Much". All with the tousled nonchalance that is now their trademark. There was no fat. Everything was clinically perfect. We would have liked a grain of sand, just a tiny grain of sand, to disrupt the machine close to perfection and make it more human. That grain of sand will not happen and at the end of the short official time, the group ended with "Take It Or Leave", played foot to the floor. All is OK because tonight, the Strokes were at the top of their game. See you in two years for their next visit to France, hoping that the fire will always be there."

Rudderless Movie Tickets October 17 2014, 0 Comments


Rudderless opens today in select theaters around the USA!!!
Get your tickets now and tell all your friends.
Don't forget to bring your favorite bandana or handkerchief cuz this movie is an emotional roller coaster!!

New York, NY

Los Angeles, CA

Q&A with Director William H. Macy & Producer Keith Kjarval
10/17 & 10/18, 7:30pm show
Tickets now available at: www.sundancecinemas.com

Austin, TX

Q&A with co-star Ben Kweller
7:00pm show
(one-time screening on 10/20)

Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland, OH

Houston, TX

Miami, FL

Milwaukee, WI

Oklahoma City, OK

Q&A with co-writers Jeff Robison & Casey Twenter
10/17 & 10/18, 7pm show
Tickets now available at: Fandango

Portland, OR

Scottsdale, AZ

Seattle, WA

Tulsa, OK

Q&A with co-writers Jeff Robison & Casey Twenter
10/16, 7:30pm show
Tickets now available at: Circle Cinema


Washington DC

(Opens 10/17)

Lancaster, PA

Modesto, CA

Santa Fe, NM


Miami, FL

 (Opens 10/20)

Eugene, OR

(Opens 10/24)

Kansas City, MO

First time at the Casbah since Radish! October 01 2014, 0 Comments

Ben Kweller San Diego, CA Rock The CasbahI

was 15 and wasn't allowed in the venue til it was time to play. O and I watched airplanes come and go and talked about Sonic Youth and Fender guitars. We still keep in touch and It's hard for us to believe that that show was almost 20 fückin' years ago. Maaaaan. Time flies when you're having rawk. I'm really curious to know if anyone coming tonight was at that Radish gig. If you were there, please let me kneaux!!!!!! xoxo bk

I got a little emotional today rolling up to The Casbah. This was the first place I ever played in San Diego. Radish came here in (I think) 1996 on the Restraining Bolt tour. The memories started flooding in as I walked through the stage door. This place hasn't changed a bit aside from more stickers on the walls, more battle scars in the floors. The first person I met way back when was San Diego rock ambassador, O, from the band Fluf. He hung with me out on the sidewalk from soundcheck to gig time. 

Music Video with Selena Gomez and William H. Macy September 09 2014, 0 Comments

By Ben Kweller

just arrived in to LA!! gonna shoot a music video with Selena Gomez and William H. Macy!!! what?! yup.. TOTES i say. we're doing one of the Rudderless jams. it's called "Hold On" and was written by Simon Steadman and Charlton Pettus who wrote a ton of sweet music for the film. Selena and i first sang it together back in February at our Rudderless party during Sundance. Since then, the demo got leaked which actually isn't my voice. now im out here so we can hit the studio and make a cinematic memory of it - mace directing of course! other Rudderless cats might join in on the fun. we'll seeeeee! i'll keep youz kidz posted on our little creation. xoxo 

Arkansas Dreamin' (A poem I wrote) August 31 2014, 6 Comments

Thank you Arkansas so natural and rad!

that special heart place I've always had

rollin' away still makes me sad

cuz i love how Arkansas is natural and rad...

so many years we sailed down the creek

of watery camp songs sung for the weak
kisses on hilltops that make you feel glad
that we are in Arkansas, natural and rad.

the northern mockingbirds and white river shad 

even the bark on the trees of the hills iron-clad

are totally Arkansas natural and rad.

now don't go lose hope or rock just a little
whether you grab for your rifle, or grab for your fiddle
all y'all should print up a newspaper ad
saying: "Thank you Arkansas, you're natural and rad!"

The kids that I've known almost all of my days

will stick there inside me in so many ways
we hang out in dreams both happy and sad
even Arkansas dreaming is natural and rad

you gave us some good ones from Clinton to Cash
but the thing i love most about your whole stash

is even the ones you popped out that turned bad

are totally Arkansas, natural and rad.



Exit Row To Myself August 22 2014, 6 Comments

"I'm on a plane. Mmmm mmmm
I can't complain. Mmmm mmmm"
- Kurdt Cobain

I am on a plane at this very moment.
Heading to LA to do something rad.
Not telling you what it is until i land.

Wanna guess?

Rudderless Movie Trailer August 14 2014, 0 Comments

today, iTunes revealed the movie trailer for Rudderless! Rudderless is about a grieving father who reconnects with his deceased son through music. i know... sounds heavy, right? well, it is... but it's very sweet and charming. many of you have been asking what my involvement was. did i do music for it? the short answer is no. i actually ACTED in it! like really acted. lines 'n' all. it is a very music based film and yes, i performed and through some BK nugs in there, but this project wasn't about me doing music. it was about a story that moved me so much that i decided to do something i've never done before and immerse myself in a character and be that person for a moment in time, in front of the camera. and shit man, it was a total blast. i will explain more about how this all came to be around the time it hits theaters on October 17th. until then, see if you can spot me in this here trailer. *hint* remember when i died my hair black? big love my peeps. bk

El Cosmico Line-up Announced! August 12 2014, 0 Comments

it's that time of year again! "to the Marfa lights" we go! Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love is a one-of-a-kind festival that takes place at a one-of-a-kind hotel. It's actually one of the coolest hotels i know - El Cosmico! El Cosmico is situated on eight acres of west-texas desert. The "hotel rooms" are restored Airstream trailers. You can also sleep in one of their yurts or just pitch your own tent on the grounds. This will be my 4th year to appear at the Trans-Pecos Festival and every time is a blasssssssst! The event takes place September 25th thru the 28th. Lets get cosmic!!! click here or the poster to get yo fix!! The Line-up is as follows…

Old 97's
Deer Tick
Bill Callahan
Heartless Bastards
Ben Kweller
Meshell Ndegeocello
John Doe
Gaby Moreno
Robert Ellis
Tift Merritt
Girl In A Coma
Elizabeth Cook
David Garza & Adrian Quesada
Mother Falcon