2020 Ben Kweller Poster

$ 50.00

It's been one hell of a year to say the least. But as you know I'm always opti-mystic about the future. That's why this year's limited print depicts a path leading to the light. The only area of the entire poster that lacks ink is the tunnel to which the path leads. Most of the time we hope for light at the end of the tunnel but sometimes we need to enter the tunnel and find the light within.

Bright and Early LIFE members will receive this poster along with their 2020 curated box of radness... If you'd like to become a Life member and receive the 2020 poster for free, you must join by  December 15th, 2020.

Signed and numbered by Austin, Texas artist, Fez Moreno in collaboration with NoiseCo art director Liz Kweller. Silkscreened by Raw Paw on 110 lb French cover stock.

16" x 24"
Limited run of 100