1-on-1 Virtual Hang

$ 175.00

You and me on a private Zoom 👨‍💻

We'll be on the computer together, spending it however you want. And it doesn't just have to be you. You can have friends in the room with you. You can also have friends connect to the hang from their own computers ($50 per additional connection).

This is a super fun way for us to hang out, get to know each other, and crack up together. 

Top 9 activities for virtual hang are:

• BK interview Q&A
• Song of your choice
• G
uitar lesson
• Piano lesson
• C
reativity conference
• B
usiness brain-storm
• Music industry consultation
• Life/relationship coaching
• No plan - just hop on and take it from there

If you are paying for multiple connections, please include each email address in the notes. If you don't have those emails handy, that's OK! You can pay now and coordinate the additional emails with us later. You will all get a hang link on the day of the hang.