Circuit Boredom Vinyl

$ 25.00

Limited pressing Coke-bottle green vinyl 🔥


C I R C U I T   B O R E D O M

T H E   A L B U M

Been stuck in our homes, phones, and Zooms for months. 

Time to turn the wack into rawk.

• 1st pressing: Limited to 2,000 units

• Available in shrink-wrapped pristine, or Autographed by BK.

• Vinyl weight: 180 grams

• Vinyl color: Coke-bottle Green

• Jacket style: Gatefold

• Release date: January 1st, 2021

• Recorded locally in Austin, TX at Matchbox Studios.

• Manufactured locally in Austin, TX at Gold Rush Vinyl.

• This album is 🔥 thanks to the contributions of the following geniuses: Dwight A. Baker (coaching, producing, mixing, engineering), John David Kent (drums), Daniel Creamer (synth bass, keys), Matter McDonald (bass guitar), Dana Smith (assistant engineer), Lizzy Kweller (photography, art direction), Howie Weinberg (mastering), Caren Kelleher (vinyl manufacturing), Aaron Winston, Cassie Shankman, Daisy O'conner, Dan Dyer, Drew Pressman, Israel Nash, Jonny Shane, Little Dan, Mike Meadows, and Raina Rose (shouts, woahs, harmonies and miscellaneous group vocals)

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