I Had To Take A Break

Is Ben Kweller OK?
By Ben Kweller
guyz n galz!
the end of 2017 is now.
i want to say i love you.
i know i haven't been posting blogs, releasing music, tweeting, touring, singing and all the things you've come to expect from your ragged kid BK. I want to let you know that i've received (and loved reading) all your notes asking why i've been n hiding since 2013. The quick answer is that something happened to me. sounds horrible i know but im generally ok now so hang in there. breathe...I had to take a break from touring, recording everything... for reasons beyond my control. I will fill you guys in when the time is right. Just know that i'm still here. i'm slowly crawling out of the cave to catch some rayz and hopefully bring you more lovely musik in 2018.



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Oct 31, 2019 • Posted by Paul

Coming in about 18 months late on this post… But, y’know, no worries, man. Take your time. Sort out whatever you’re dealing with. Make some music when it feels right. I can’t speak for all the BK Krew, but I’ve been listening to your stuff since Restraining Bolt; I’ll still be around whenever new music emerges.

Feb 20, 2018 • Posted by Liz

Last part was an emoji.. not a question mark. lol.

Feb 20, 2018 • Posted by Liz

Hi Ben! I noticed this older post while checking out your new blog series. I just wanted to say that I’m glad you took the time to heal from whatever has hurt you, and am glad that you’re mostly okay now. Take care of yourself, and thanks for being you ?

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