hello ole friend,

i’ve been thinking about you a lot as i hibernate in my hill-country-cave writing songs. i only played two concerts in 2016. first time in over 20 years that i went a whole year without playing at least 12 shows. the Go Fly A Kite tour really burnt me out. two years around the globe. got sick of the road. sometimes i miss it but there's something about being alone writing and recording that brings me back to when i was 14. when it all started. so i'm just going with it.  :)

a guy walked up to me the other day and said some of the most flattering things. told me that i was his favorite artist and that my songs got him through some really tough times. then he said, "but dude... where have you been? i've heard nothing from you lately!" i explained my hibernation story and that i'm just making music for me and that i'm sick of the road yadda yadda. after he walked away, i realized that it was time i stop being a little bitch and let go of all the music inside of me. 

so, i’m going through the 50 songs that i’ve written since Kite. figuring out what my new album will be. i’ll hit the studio in the next few months. if you wanna stay posted on the release you can join my mailing list here. as for touring, i’m not ready to hit the stage. the concert fire isn’t burning in me right now. the music making fire is burning hot though... so no shows for now, but new music soon.  ;)

love you with all my heart.